Your First Order Guide

Embarking on your first laundry journey with us? We're here to make it effortless. Explore 'Your First Order Guide' ensuring a smooth start to your laundry experience.
doorstep delivery

Step 1: Sign Up

You can order the services as a Guest User but we highly recommend that you start by creating an account on our website. Provide your basic contact information and avail our “Free Pickup and Delivery” Service to get started.

Step 2: Choose Your Service

Select the service you need – “Wash & Fold,” “Dry Cleaning,” “Launder & Press,” “Commercial Laundry,” or “Airbnb Laundry.”

Step 3: Select Your Items

Tell us what you need to be cleaned. For “Wash & Fold,” place your clothes in disposable bags for your first Service and for other services, prepare your items accordingly. We’ll give your customized bag with First Delivery.

Step 4: Pickup Schedule

Choose a convenient date during checkout for our team to pick up your laundry. We offer flexible scheduling to suit your needs. Orders placed after 4pm may not be scheduled for the same day since our drivers could already be out for pickup/delivery.

Step 5: Special Preferences

Let us know if you have any specific preferences. You can select detergent options, folding styles, hanger preferences, and more during service selection but any additional instructions can be added in the “Order Notes” section during checkout.

Step 6: Confirmation

You’ll receive an email confirmation with Order Details. Our team will review the details and Schedule a pickup for your preferred date.

Step 7: Pickup Day

On the scheduled day, prepare your disposable bags or items for pickup. We will text your at least 1 hour before our team will arrive at your doorstep.

Step 8: First-Time Experience

For your first order, you’ll receive complimentary custom laundry bags. These durable and eco-friendly reusable bags will make future orders even more convenient.

Step 9: We Handle the Rest

After pickup, our experts will take care of the cleaning process. Your order will be ready on your chosen delivery date.

Step 10: Delivery

You’ll receive a notification when your fresh laundry is on its way. Our team will deliver it right to your door.

Step 11: Future Orders

Use your custom bags for future orders. Just fill them up and schedule pickups as needed.

Enjoy the Convenience

With your first order, you’ve taken a step toward hassle-free laundry. Welcome to a simpler, more convenient way to care for your clothes.



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